Conversation Club Leeds

“Arriving in a UK city as an asylum seeker can be a difficult, if not overwhelming, experience. Everything is different – the culture, the buildings and of course the language. Conversation Club Leeds is a small charity which helps asylum seekers and refugees to make friends, practise speaking English and gain confidence in their new surroundings.”

The client provided the content, and we designed and developed the site. Key aspects were: to enable auto-translation into the different languages used by asylum seekers and refugees; to make it easy for visitors to donate to the Club’s work.

It’s been a very interesting experience, watching it build up into something really good. It seems a bit like magic! Many thanks again for all your hard work. We have ended up with a super website which should attract lots of different people, we hope especially asylum seekers.


Well, what a brilliant website!
Vibrant, welcoming and full of info.

Conversation Club Leeds partner organisation

Brilliant – what a fantastic job! So far not come across anything that doesn’t work – it’s all very professional.
Just had a look … it’s amazing! Brilliant achievement
Great work and very impressive.

Conversation Club Leeds volunteers
Screenshot - Conversation Club Leeds