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We design, develop and support websites for many different organisations, from charities, community groups and campaigns, to research projects, parish councils and MEPs.

You can find more information about our services below, together with a selection from our portfolio and client testimonials.



Helping you understand and reach your audiences, and developing a brief for a new or refreshed website

Website Development

Affordable web design and development, tailored to meet your unique needs, with support through the process


Set-up and integration of other communications platforms – social media, mailings – with your website

Training & Manuals

Support to website administrators through step-by-step written guidance or training in website and content management

Effective Websites Workshop

Learning in a group setting about how to achieve a cost-effective and fit-for-purpose website

Support & Maintenance

Providing TLC to keep the websites we have developed running smoothly and looking fresh

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St Peter's Church, Manchester

St Peter’s Church, Manchester

Lawyers Against Poverty

Lawyers Against Poverty

Kate Honey Music

Kate Honey Music

Transition Exeter

Transition Exeter

give three words

Give Three Words

Have a nosy around more of our websites

“It has been a pleasure to work with Clare, Websites Ahoy, creating a website for our recently formed charitable trust. I’m sure that we have not been the easiest client, the chairman not being very technically competent but her patience, common sense, design and computer skills have prevailed, which has resulted in a website with which all the trustees are very pleased. The initial reaction from a wide range of stakeholders is extremely positive. She has managed to reflect the trust’s vision and values and help position our charity to its numerous audiences in an exciting way. Big thanks are due.” — Bryan Brown, Chair of Trustees, Abingdon Abbey Buildings

Abingdon Abbey Buildings

“Clare, you are a legend, and can I just say what a pleasure it has been to work with you throughout this process! You have tolerated our dithering, responded promptly to our pleas, bullied us (very gently!) into going the second mile, and just made the site look really professional!” — SR, Committee Member

“It has been a total ‘tour de force’ from you and very much appreciated. I am really proud of our new website.” — DC, Committee Member

Movement for the Abolition of War

“Thanks Clare for your patience, flexibility and expertise in helping us to create our new website. Our requirements were fiddly and complex, and you helped us work through them all to get the best results for us. We have had some very appreciative feedback from people about the website, commenting on how clear it is and we are thrilled with it.” — Lynn Wetenhall, Trustee, Food Exeter

Food Exeter

“I really, really like what you do with Websites Ahoy! The fact that you cycle and use sustainable/ethical resources, and that you donate a few hours a month for charities. So much more caring than so many others. Great stuff!” — CE, Abingdon Carbon Cutters

Abingdon Carbon Cutters

“Clare has been helping me to make a website for a new start-up called Art and Energy. She is clear, concise and asks really good questions and we now have a website framework that is really easy to update and use. Clare is very generous with her time and is thoughtful with her wonderful pearls of wisdom.” — Chloe Uden, Director

Art and Energy