Support & Maintenance

Your new website needs a bit of TLC from time to time to ensure it continues to look fresh, is running smoothly, and includes the latest security measures.

This service is available as a follow-on to our Website Development service.

Our Hassle-free design & development package includes minor updates after your new website goes live, allowing one hour of our time per month for three months to make minor updates after your new website goes live.

We offer an ongoing support and maintenance service for sites that we have developed, covering housekeeping behind the scenes and updating content on the live website as required. Housekeeping can include: regular updating to the latest versions of WordPress and its themes and plugins, important for closing any security loopholes; cleaning out old content and spam comments; and optimising the database for maximum performance. We are happy to charge either a flat rate in advance per month, quarter or year, or in arrears at our normal hourly rate.

Worth every penny of knowing you are there in the background coming to the rescue when we need it.

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