Abingdon Abbey Buildings


“a place at the heart of the history of the ancient town of Abingdon-on-Thames”

The original more-attractive site can still be viewed in the Wayback Archive. A later iteration, targeted at attracting funding, includes a Facebook feed on the Home page. The client provided the content, and we designed and developed the site. It includes a fun magnifying glass, through which the buildings’ and town’s timelines can be examined more closely.

It has been a pleasure to work with Clare, Websites Ahoy, creating a website for our recently formed charitable trust. … her patience, common sense, design and computer skills have … resulted in a website with which all the trustees are very pleased. The initial reaction from a wide range of stakeholders is extremely positive. She has managed to reflect the trust’s vision and values and help position our charity to its numerous audiences in an exciting way. Big thanks are due.

Client, on original publication
Screenshot - Abingdon Abbey Buildings