Give Three Words

“It’s time to speak up for trees and hedgerows, the green and wild spaces we hold dear”. Give Three Words are “building A MAP OF YOUR WORDS – a unique story of special places written by the people who treasure them”.

The client provided the content and design, and we developed the site. It enables the public to upload a photo and information about a particular place for display on the site.

Can’t thank you enough, Clare
Absolutely thrilled that the form works so brilliantly on top of everything else!
SO EXCITING! can’t wait to share
the form is SO EASY to use and captures all the great detail so usefully – amazing

The client handed the project over to The Great Imagining in March 2023, and the domain and hosting were allowed to lapse pending a rename. The old site can still be viewed on the Wayback Machine internet archive.

Screenshot - Give Three Words