We can provide the following services according to your needs, but if you have a requirement that isn’t listed here, please do still ask.

  • Domain name registration and website hosting
  • Designing the style and structure of your new website
  • Building your new website
  • Refreshing the design and functionality of your existing website
  • Developing website content
  • Registering your website with search engines and search engine optimisation
  • Step-by-step guides and training in how to manage your website
  • Support and maintenance

Your next steps

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You may find our FREE Guide A Website Brief In 8½ Chapters helpful in thinking about what you need. Once we understand your requirements, we will provide you with a free estimate.


We charge our services at £200 per day, or £30 per hour.

As an indication, the design and development of a website with about five pages of content would cost £450-750, depending on the complexity of your requirement.

The costs of a domain name and website hosting are not included in this price. Costs of a domain name vary depending on the extension. For example, .com currently costs £20 for two years, and and cost £10 for two years. Website hosting costs from £4.95 per month.

Domain name registration and website hosting

One way of understanding domain names and website hosting is to draw parallels with the physical world. Think of your website as representing your organisation, the domain name as the address of your building, and the website hosting as the building itself.

We will support you in registering your domain name and setting up your website hosting with a well-established and reliable company.

Your choice of domain name should be memorable, easy to type, and unique. Ideally, it should reflect your organisation’s name, and the shorter the better. Download our FREE Guide Choosing A Domain Name for advice on choosing a good name, checking whether your choice is available, and tools that can help if your mind goes blank.

The hosting company will provide space on a web server for your website, which your visitors can then access 24 hours per day. It is important that the server is available at all times and can cope with many simultaneous visitors to your website. We have used our chosen company for a number of years, and found them to provide reliable hosting with excellent customer service at competitive prices.

Their entry-level hosting service includes 5GB of data storage, 20Gb of data transfer each month, 100 email addresses such as, a weekly backup of all of your website data, and statistics for how many visitors are accessing your website.

We can also develop a new website on hosting you already own, but it does need to have some minimum requirements for functionality, and you need to be able to give us administration access.

Designing the style and structure of your new website

The first time someone visits your website, they will make an instant decision whether to explore it further or to leave, based on the design. So it needs to look good, and enable visitors to find out about your activities and key messages quickly and easily.

We can design a new website from scratch, or refresh the design of an existing website.

We will have an initial discussion about your organisation and what you want from your website. Don’t worry if you are not sure about colour scheme or layout, as we can help you formulate design ideas. Good website design is part computer programming, part graphic design, but mostly research. We suggest you look at the websites of similar organisations, indeed any websites, and see what you like and what works, and what you don’t like and what doesn’t work.

It is very helpful if you can provide most of your website content and any images before the design stage. We advise that your website is rich in content, as it is the most important aspect of your site. If you would like to use our services to develop the content, it would happen at this point. We will then put together a draft design for your feedback and approval.

Building your new website

When we have received your approval of our design, we will build the website. When the build is nearing completion, we will upload it to a location with password-protection, so you can test it and comment. Once you have approved the new website, we will make it go live.

As well as developing a new website from scratch, we can also add content and functionality to an existing website.

Developing website content

The content is the most important aspect of your website. It will engage (or put off!) your visitors, and will help your website appear higher in search engine results.

Provision of content is often a bottleneck in website development, so in a project to develop a new site, it is helpful if most of the website text is provided in advance of the design stage.

We know that this is not always possible, so we also offer a service where we turn raw material about your organisation into text for your website. We can produce content for a new or existing website. You would need to help us to understand your organisation, and what you are aiming for in terms of writing style and number and length of pages. Note that you do still need to provide the raw material. Costs would be higher if it is provided as hard copy rather than in electronic format.

We can also recommend a photographer if you would like professionally-produced images on your website.

Registering your website with search engines and search engine optimisation

It is no good having a well-designed and content-rich website if no-one can find it, so you want your site to appear high on search engine results.

Our basic website development projects usually include registration of your website with the major search engines like Google and Bing. We would also set up resubmission on a regular schedule to capture any changes to the content over time.

We typically design websites with search engine optimisation in mind. In our more in-depth search engine optimisation service, we would also incorporate what you consider to be key search phrases in the design, and include plenty of cross-links within the website. For each page, we would add descriptions and keywords to the meta data.

Step-by-step guides and training in how to manage your website

Your website will come with an easy-to-use content management system, which will enable you to update its content whenever you want. But we don’t assume that you will take this on without some support.

We can provide a detailed step-by-step guide to help you manage your new website, and offer personal training in use of the content management system.

Support and maintenance

Our basic website development projects usually include one hour of our time per month for three months to make minor updates after your new website goes live.

We also offer an ongoing support and maintenance service, if you need it, either at a flat rate per month or charging at our normal hourly rate.

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